Versatile Dart Play

The Tackle Wrap Dart Play

Today I would like to talk about the tackle wrap or "Dart Play" for offensive coaches.  The play is very similar to an isolation play with your BST acting as the ISO blocker.  It is a man scheme on the front side with a Center/Guard combination to the BSILB and the pulling BST iso blocking the PSILB.  It is a great 1 Back play because you have the ability to block a 6 man box with only 5 offensive lineman because the QB will read the backside DE.  You can also make it a little bit of a misdirection play by having the QB fake to the TB who will then kick the end vacated by the pulling tackle.  Now the QB will be the ball carrier following the pulling tackle.  The only downside to the Dart Play is the fact that its a man scheme.  You will need to win one on one match ups, and sometimes DL Movement and Pressures can cause some issues.  The beauty of the play is it is another way to make defenses defend option football and be sound in their schemes and assignments.

DART tagged With Jet Sweep

The next idea i want to share with you will show you how you can make the Dart scheme more flexible by adding variety.  You can run a regular Jet Sweep with one of your slot players while blocking Dart in the opposite direction.  For example you would combine Jet Right with Dart Left.  Your front side perimeter players and your TB will execute their assignments for the Jet Sweep play.  Your front side slot will block the overhang, while your TB leads up through the alley, while your WR stalks the corner or push cracks the safety.  The backside slot will execute the Jet Sweep.  Up front your Oline is blocking Dart Left which means the right DE is being left unblocked.  Your QB will now mesh with the Jet Sweep and Ride and Decide for 2 shuffle steps.  If the DE widens at all, your QB will pull the ball and run the Dart Left play.  If the DE crashes or squeezes off the inside release of the tackle the QB will give the Jet Sweep.  Now you have a chance to get the ball to one of your best players in space, or have a misdirection play with the QB keeping away from the Jet Action.  The pulling tackle will also slow the flow of the LBS down so they cant play the Jet Sweep as a full flow outside run.  This is a great way to get the ball to the perimeter without having to reach the play side DE.  This theory works real well against aggressive squeeze and spill teams that really take the air out of any inside releases by the tackle.

Just Throw It Where They Leave

The last thing I want to talk about today is the Dart Play as a run pass option.  This theory is going to allow us to conflict a 2nd level defender and take advantage of the fact he has 2 jobs to do on every play.  This in my opinion is truly only good against zone coverage defenses where we can throw the ball to voided out areas on the field vacated by a defender fitting in the run game.  If you get man to man it really just becomes a version of a play action pass and your receivers have to win 1 on 1 scenarios.  Now if you get teams that play 2 high safeties and give you a 5 man box then you are in business.  With a 2 high safety structure defenses are trying to give you the appearance of a 5 man box, then add outside LBS as fold players on the run.  It is these fold players that we will take advantage of with the Dart RPO.  Because we will read a 2nd level defender, we must block all the first level defenders.  This play will work better away from the A shade or 1 TECH.  To the side of the pulling tackle your guard will block out on the defensive end, and your center will block back on the 1 TECH.  You will still be man on the front side with the pulling tackle becoming the ISO blocker on the ILB left in the box.  Now your QB will read the overhang defender to the side of the pulling tackle.  If he has the open B Gap and he thinks it is run he will have to fold inside to get involved and eliminate that gap.  If he is a zone player than he also has some type of hook drop in a 2 high defensive concept.  What we are going to do is replace him with routes by wide receivers.  We can run snag by #1 and corner by #2.  We can run Vertical by #1 and hitch by #2.  We can run 5 yard in by #1 and Vertical by #2.  We are trying to occupy the grass that he is responsible for in the passing game while taking the top off the deep coverage to keep safeties and corners off the underneath routes.  This theory takes advantage of a defensive player with an immediate run/pass responsibility.

As you can easily see the Dart play is very flexible, and you can use it several different ways to stress a defense.  It can be a deadly inside run with option principles, you can attack the perimeter by tying it to the jet sweep, and you can use it as a Run/Pass Option vs 2 High structures with overly aggressive fold players.  Remember the execution of the play is the most important thing.  This simple package can diversify your attack while still allowing your kids to PLAY FAST.