New Mexico's Offense in High School

LOBO'S Option Offense

Today we are going to take a brief look at New Mexico's version of the triple option as it is leading the NCAA in rushing in 2016.  The cool part about this is that it is done from the Shotgun which leads me to believe it can be incorporated into an Up Tempo Spread offense.  It isn't rare to see a triple option team leading the country in rushing, Navy and Georgia Tech are always high up the ranks.  What is unique is that it is being done from the true shotgun depth of 5 yards.  Combine that with the ability to use simple zone schemes and spread the field and i think you create a monster.

Nice Eye Candy
The offense itself is generically 3 back in nature which is similar to The Flexbone approach to triple option.  They will use some wrinkles like the Maryland Stack I, and some motion adjustments.  Its all really about changing the presentation not the play.  Typical to triple option schemes they will have a dive player(zone), the QB keep option, and a pitch phase.  So while this is hardly revolutionary its their approach from the shotgun that makes it unique.  By being in the shotgun every snap I think it makes this offense more spread scheme friendly.  You will help your High School QB or Middle School QB a ton in the passing game by being in the shotgun, especially when they are not all 6'5!!! You also add in the element of Run Pass Options which is also option football in it's most basic form.  Let's face it, in High School football the talent level between two teams can make it extremely difficult for most teams to compete.  I'm not sure about your area but where I am the playoff teams are usually the same about 75% of the time.  There are really only 4-6 teams that have a chance to win the state title each year.  So how do we level the playing field?  By reading more players which means blocking less players.

How Much is Too Much
The real question at hand here is how much can you actually do and be successful.  Most option teams can never really throw the football.  They spend so much time perfecting all the phases of the triple option and the blocking wrinkles that there is not enough time to teach a successful passing game.  There is also a certain skill set that comes with being a triple option QB, and that skill set usually sacrifices the ability to be an effective passer.  Also let us not forget the protection part of the passing game.  Throwing more may effect the types of Offensive Lineman option teams recruit.   Enter the era of the modern day "Dual Threat" QB.  More and more colleges are playing Dual Threat QB'S.  They are asking these QB'S to be runners and throwers while also being guys that can read defenders in the option game.  It is making the game more 11 on 11 now than 11 on 10 in the run game.  So can you take the best elements of the Spread game(RPO,Zone Read,Jet Power Read, Screens, Air Raid Theories) and mix it with the New Mexico triple option offense to create the ultimate "FACEMELTING" offense?  Only time will tell but I am willing to bet there will be some people trying including MYSELF!!!!!  It's a copycat game so take from everybody.