Teaching QB's Curl/Spot/Flat Progression With Footwork


 I had a chance recently to do an instructional video on teaching and developing young QB'S. As a Head Coach that coordinates both sides of the ball I sometimes forget that I cut my teeth as a QB coach when I was a GA in college. The everyday life of a High School Head Coach gets bogged down with red tape,  trouble shooting, and crisis management. It felt good to actually speak on the fundamentals of one position and get back to the days of just being a position coach.  With spring ball right around the corner it was nice to get a taste of coaching the little things again.  In the  off season it is real easy to focus on schemes and to go to clinics to find the newest trends in the game of football. Talking about the footwork of the quarterback position was a nice reminder of why I fell in love with coaching in the first place.

The curl/slide combination has been a staple of every passing offense for over 30 years.  It never mattered whether it was Air Raid, Air Coryell, West Coast, Fun and Gun, or Run and Shoot. It never mattered whether it was High School, College, or the NFL.  This combination was going to be a part of everybody's drop back passing game.  In my opinion that is what makes a play a great concept. It stands the test of time. All things in football are constantly changing to try and stay ahead of the opponent. The great thing about the curl/slide combination is I teach it the same way I taught it 17 years ago when I first broke into the coaching business.  Now, the version I am going to discuss today is a Curl/Spot/Flat version and that is because it fits the rules of my passing game a lot better than Curl/Slide/Spot.  It also makes it a little easier flat throw for my QB than the immediate slide route by the number 2 receiver.  Some may argue that the stretch on the conflict defender is not as good, and i would agree but I do some things with motion from the backfield that help get the proper leverage we are looking for on that conflict defender.

There will be no diagrams today because the video is 47 minutes long and covers everything from routes, to protection, to QB progressions, to Hot throws, to QB footwork and proper spacing.  It also talks about coverages and what we like and do not like.  I mention a simple tag to help vs Robber or Quarters teams and different ways to use the back in protection depending on the front and possible blitz scenarios. I hope you find the video useful and it helps you get your QB'S better.  

Stay tuned for the next blog on up tempo drills to help offenses get used to not only the pace of the game but the change of pace in games.  With spring ball coming up hopefully i can add some good practice video footage that helps.


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