Using Speed Trac for Efficient Workouts

It is now officially the Off Season for 95% of football programs in the country which means it is time to start training for next year.  If you have never heard of speed tracs, or have never seen a speed station you should definitely check out their web site I have recently started using the portable speed station with smaller groups of players and it is a tremendous tool for speed and agility training.

The speed station uses bungee cords, pulleys, and tension devices to provide assistance and resistance training.  Now this in itself is not a new or revolutionary idea, but its the efficient manner of training and tracking progress of athletes that makes the speed trac program an extremely viable option for lower level programs.  As a high school program we have to consider certain constraints when thinking about our off season strength and conditioning program.  Here are a couple that I run into every year.  How many kids do we have?  Do we have the space to accommodate the number of players? How many coaches do we have?  Are all the coaches proficient in speed and agility training?  Are we going to be inside or outside?  What is the weather like? The portable speed station can be used inside or outside on any surface making it ideal to use as another tool in your speed and conditioning training.

The speed trac program comes with software that provides instructional videos for exercises, a training curriculum for multiple sports, and the ability to track and monitor the progress of your athletes.  How many of you on testing days have charted all the results for every player on every test, and then logged them into an excel document to keep track of them?  You have to write down all the results and then transfer them onto your computer.  With the speed trac program you can have your team entered into the database and then bring your laptop or tablet into the testing area to record your test scores.

There are 2 different stations that players will work at.  The field station has speed ladder drills, short hurdle drills, and medicine ball drills.  The speed station has the change of direction, hip power and mobility, upper body, and vertical jump drills.  Players will start in one group or the other and will eventually switch to get through both stations.  The speed trac software called sports tracs also provides a detailed warmup and cool down routine.  I have included a few videos of our young 9th grade players going through some exercises.

If you would like any other info on the speed station you can email me at anytime They have given me a promo code to help get word out about their product.  If you enter the promo code I believe you can save $50.00 and I might actually make a few dollars for my program.  I am not a salesman by any means but Speed Tracs wants to get their product out to as many coaches as possible.


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