Half Line Drills to Teach Coverages

Quarter Quarter Half Coverage

The ideology of the whole part whole teaching method has always been a huge part of coaching football.  I like to introduce a scheme to a whole unit in meetings first.  Then on the field we will teach it and rep it in individuals or group sessions.  Finally we will get together as an entire unit and put all the parts together.  This method is really effective for us as a split field coverage team.  I really like teaching this way because our base coverages are meant to be played independently of each other, so working half line drills lets us focus and coach one half of the coverage at a time.

Today we are going to talk about the 3 base coverages we play and how we use half line drills to work run support and coverage responsibility.  Our base coverages are Quarters, 2 Read, and Cover 2.  We have to be able to play a combination of those at all times.  We really need to get good at these coverages and the nuances or slight change in assignments of each one.  What we will do is work half field or half line principles versus 2 removed receivers and a RB and QB.  We are going to emphasize the trouble spots or coverage beaters in each coverage.  I consider bubble screens and now screens as an extended part of the run game.  We will work run responsibilities versus speed option, bubble screen, and now screens.  In the passing game we will work curl/slide, hitch corner, and coverage beaters like post over dig, post and corner, post and deep out, and 2 verticals with a flat route.  I think it's important to stress the routes that can beat your coverages the most and let your kids react to and play other route combinations as they occur.

Keep in mind that this is just a segment of the practice where you are emphasizing certain scenarios with a small group of players.  You will still have inside or team run periods, 7 on 7 periods and full team sessions.  Ultimately the game is played 11 on 11 and you have to work as a unit to have success.  Breaking your work down into small groups helps you and your players work on specific techniques and fundamentals that will make the group stronger as a whole.  There are several other portions of your practice in all 3 phases of the game where half line teaching is very effective.

Always remember the key to good coaching is what you can get your players to know, not just what you know.  Hopefully this helps you organize your practices more efficiently and get your players to understand their responsibilities a little better.  PLAY FAST.

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