Using TB Push Motion-5 Simple Plays

Mazzone Push Motion

Today we are going to talk about incorporating TB push motion into your offense.  I first started seeing a lot of this when DeMarco Murray was at Oklahoma but really have to give credit to Noel Mazzone for making it a staple in my offense.  Although I do not follow Coach Mazzone's system "NZONE" verbatim, i do like a lot of his ideas.  The push motion by the running back is a short quick pre snap motion out of the backfield working wide towards the sideline.

1)Puts immediate stress on width and perimeter of defense
2)Gets athletes in space
3)Makes defense defend 2 back sets, while you quickly motion to 1 back
4)Helps differentiate coverages
5)Allows QB to make post snap decisions which helps tempo

This motion is usually most effective in an up tempo hurry up style offense.  It lends itself to several post snap read plays and constraint plays which help offenses play ultra fast.  The best up tempo teams are the ones who incorporate multiple reads and options for the QB all in a single play call.  We all remember the Ole Miss bowl game a few years back when they went down the field in 5 plays in less than 1:30 and 4 different players touched the ball.  Although that was not using push motion, what it was using was the simplest of up tempo theories which is one play with several options.  Let's face it, anybody can be up tempo and call plays lightning fast but do those plays give the QB enough options with the ball.  You could line up and run toss sweep 5 times straight out of the same formation, and probably snap the ball in under 15 seconds each time.  But is that effective?

20 Personnel 2 Back
So what we are looking at is a 2 back spread set with 20 personnel.  With 2 backs in the backfield you are going to force the defense to defend 2 back runs.  You still have power and isolation type plays.  The defense has to account for all the gaps in the run game if you have 2 back sets.  Now, using push motion you can create width, leverage, and numbers very quickly.  You will essentially be getting into a 3x1 set almost immediately.  You already have twin receivers flanked wide and you are now adding a third receiver that gets out there very quickly with limited time for the defense to adjust.  If you have ever coached defensive football you understand that 3x1 sets usually involve different variations of coverage.  By aligning in 2 back twins and pushing the TB out we will get to a trips set immediately giving the defense short notice to adjust.  Although the coverage structure may not change drastically the defense has to account for the numbers and leverage advantage of the offense.  The movement and adjustment of the defense is the read for the QB alerting him what to do with the football.  You are simply trying to play a game of chess with the defense and ultimately always have the last move.

The best thing about it, is the fact you can stay within your base core plays and schemes and not try to recreate the wheel offensively.  What I would like to do today is give you 5 very basic plays you can incorporate using push motion.  They all feed off one another and there is consistency in your teaching.  Many great offensive minds have always said "Don't change your plays, just change the presentation." We are merely giving the defense a slightly different look to run our standard offensive plays.  I hope you enjoy the video and keep PLAYING FAST!!!!


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