Diamonds Are Forever
 The use of 3 backs in offensive formations has been around for over 100 years.  Whether it be the T Formation, Power I, Maryland I, Wing T, Wishbone, or Flexbone offensive coaches have always tried to incorporate 3 backs as part of their base run game. With the development of the athletic QB that is a viable option in the run game, the Diamond Formation now gives the Offensive Coordinator 4 potential ball carriers. This set gives you the ability to run downhill, attack the perimeter, stretch the field with play action, and make the defense accountable with option principles.
Big Boys Are Catching On

Today I am going to discuss the "Inverted Veer" play and play action passes off the same run action.  This formation is symmetrical which gives you the ability to run concepts to either side with no motions, shifts, or trades. When I say "Inverted" I mean the QB will actually become the dive player and the RB will become the perimeter player which is the opposite of traditional veer football. In the above diagram the 49ers are running the bluff version of the veer, which is a traditional veer concept with backs becoming lead blockers on the perimeter if the QB pulls the ball. This is a double option theory.

In the above diagram I have our Inverted Veer play with rules against a standard 8 man front.  The scheme is the same as our base veer play which we run from the Pistol set as well. One of the keys to adding things into your offense is the ability to keep things simple for your offensive line. We start on Day 1 teaching the Veer or Zeer(Zone/Veer) concept so when it comes time to add the Diamond package it is nothing new for our oline. I also like to keep things relatively simple for my QB so all my option reads are front side C Gap defender.

Now let's take a look at a Play Action Pass off the Inverted Veer. I think it is very important to have plays that protect your plays. This version of our play action is an attempt to attack Quarters or Robber teams with very active safeties and get our RB matched up with an OLB on the wheel route.  Even if you see a 1 high structure you should still get a favorable match up with the wheel route.  This also gives us a simple 7 man full slide protection which allows us to call the play with confidence. 


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