Jumping Out Of The Gate

I am new to the world of blogging, or in the gaming world I am a "NOOB".  I have been a Head High School Football coach for 13 years and before that a Graduate Assistant for 2 years. My intent is to create an informational resource for High School Football coaches that is "RELEVANT" not only to the game we love, but more importantly the game we see!
With the improvements in technology and the information that is available today at the touch of a button, I think its important that High School Football coaches gather the information that's out there and make a determination as to what it is they can actually use.   The off season is the time when coaches are exploring all different options to continue the development and growth of their program.  Unfortunately a lot of the clinics and webinars are done by College and NFL coaches.  Although these guys are extremely intelligent and at the top of their profession, there are a set of circumstances that make our jobs completely different. Have you ever attended a clinic with an NFL defensive coach and asked him how to defend the Wing T?
Here is a quick list of some of the major differences to consider when gathering information, and potential questions to ask yourself:

1)Size of Players-Will I be able to 2 gap with a 185 pound noseguard?
2)Speed of Players-Can I play man with 4.9 corners?
3)Hashmarks-Will a cover 2 corner be able to be a force player with HS hashes?
4)Talent-Would up tempo hurt me if I play 9 players both ways?
5)Schemes-Will this defense adjust to a different offense every week?
Long Story Short
Each week I will be posting valuable information regarding coaching strategy for all levels, with the focus on the direction of High School Football in Florida. My first few blogs will cover topics like Pistol Zone/Veer, Combining Power Read with Jet, Up Tempo Packages, Check With Me Coverages, and Combining the 425 with the 3-3.  I invite you contact me with any schemes or topics you would like discussed, and please feel free to comment.


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