Blending 425 with 3-3 Stack


I switched to the 425 defense 2 years ago and it has been very productive for us so far.  This past season we had a record setting year at our high school and the 425 was a big part of that.  It finally gave me the structure I needed to play sound defensive football every week against the plethora of offensive schemes a High School defense will see.  The one thing I incorporated this year was the use of Odd front packages to protect the Over front.  The idea is to give the offense multiple looks while maintaining simplicity on defense for my players. The 3-3 Stack is a great look to generate movement.  Keep in mind that making the offense spend time during the week preparing for multiple looks adds time to their preparation which may take time away from their execution.

So let's take a look at some of our generic d line games in the 425 and how we transfer them to the 3-3 Stack.

This is a simple twist game between the 3 Tech and the 5 Tech.  3 Tech penetrates B Gap first and ricochets outside for contain vs. pass sets.  The 5 Tech long sticks the A Gap after the 3 Tech movement.  The Mike will become a C Gap player.

Now we have gotten into the Stack front without changing personnel.  We put the Nose stacked behind the Tackle who is head up on the center.  We run the same game using the same terminology and we have changed the look for the offense without changing a single thing for the defense.

Very simple 5 man pressure with man free behind it.  We spark the Rush End into the B Gap and send the Will off the Edge.

Now we run the exact same Will 1 Free pressure from the Stack front.  It looks like a lot more movement to the offense but it actually is the same terminology and assignments with the same personnel for the defense.  Simple front adjustments like these can get a lot of mileage out of your base defensive package.  You are eliminating the need to teach several different concepts to be multiple. By changing your looks without changing your structure you can be sound and play fast because your kids are playing the same assignments and there is a direct crossover between the two concepts.  If you are in Tampa at the Glazier Clinic this week come see me on Friday afternoon and Friday evening presenting offensive and defensive topics.


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