Rub Concept for 2 Point Play


Today I am going to talk about having a 2 Point Play or a Play that beats man coverage in short yardage situations. We are going to look at a mesh concept designed to get 2 or 3 rubs on a primary receiver to get him the football vs. man coverage. The idea is very similar to setting picks or screens in basketball.  The only problem is in football you cant legally set a pick.  So we have to incorporate routes that effectively act as moving picks or rubs to create space vs. man coverage.

The Student Becomes The Master
 It is a privilege for me to have one of my former players on video with me drawing up the route concepts.  This play was run by one of the best offensive minds in college football and my former QB Derek had a chance to run it first hand in practice.  As a coach it is very exciting to see your former players get involved in coaching.  That tells you that you had a positive impact on their life. I think part of our role as coaches should be mentoring and tutoring the future coaches in our profession.  Derek was great to coach, he was a gym rat and a film rat that could not get enough football.  Now I will probably have the privilege to work for him someday.

The concept we will look at today is a version of the mesh passing concept.  The idea is to create 2 or 3 rubs for our primary receiver.  It is not a true mesh package, it involves 3 routes in the mesh instead of 2 and only one of these routes will sit down.  It is truly designed for man coverage principles.  We have it drawn up from empty so that the front side flat route can get the necessary yardage needed if it becomes a hot throw. Throwing hot short of the goal line on a 2 Point Play does not accomplish the goal and actually is very poor coaching. The primary route is the shallow cross by the backside #1 receiver.  This route will stay on the move the entire time and will be run at 5 yards.  The TE is the backside #2 and he runs a read route where he releases to the flat to check man or zone.  If its man he will continue to the flat and create the first rub for the primary receiver. If its zone he will run a corner route.  The play side #3 runs the flat wheel route with eyes on the QB immediately for hot throws.  If he does not get the Hot he will convert to a wheel route.  VS. zones this route will help expand the OLB.  The play side #2 runs the under part of the mesh at 4 Yards.  He is always on the move and can never sit.  He will aim for the opposite front pylon.  He must have his eyes on the QB early for the inside portion of the built in Hot throws.  The play side #1 will run the high portion of the mesh at 6 yards.  Remember there are actually 3 mesh routes occurring here.  He will always sit down vs man or zone and a good landmark for him is the goal post.  He will try to create the 3rd rub for the primary receiver on the 5 yard shallow cross. The protection will be a half slide protection with the QB responsible for the play side ILB and Play side OLB.  This is a 5 man protection so either one of these 2 players blitzing makes us throw hot.

I am sorry there are no diagrams, but this play is not a part of my base package in High School.  It was taught to me by my former QB, as always I am just borrowing information.

If any of you are watching this from the New York/New Jersey area I will be on Long Island the second week of June doing a 2 day clinic.  The first day will be a spread up tempo offensive clinic with the second day being a 425 split field coverage clinic.  Hope to see some of you there. PLAY FAST!!!!!

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