Enjoying The Rewards

Numbers Do Not Lie

Our Spring Ball has just ended and I am extremely happy with the results.  We scored 49 points in the first half and had 420 yards of offense in the first half.  Our QB was 7 for 7 for 135 yards and 3 TD's.  He also rushed for 102 yards and a TD all in the first half.  We scored on 7 different play calls, and the exciting thing for me and my staff was we only had 8 offensive practices.  Six different players scored TD'S in the first half.  When I evaluate our production I keep thinking about "the system".  I think how we are doing things is way more important than what we are doing.  As a football coach it is real easy to fall in love with schemes.  Everyone wants to talk about the Jet, or QB Power Read, or the Veer, or the Quick Game.  Although I love all those schemes and could talk about them all day I think its our operating procedure and our communication process that is allowing us to enjoy the success we are having.

Looking For Answers
  About 2 years ago I started looking at some of the schools in my state and immediate area that enjoy consistent success.  Of course the first thing I noticed was most of them have 2-5 Division 1 players a year, and that definitely helps.  But what I also noticed was their consistency in schemes on offense and defense.  They played the same things year in and year out with a few wrinkles and got really good at what they do.  I decided I needed to be more consistent schematically, and it has paid huge dividends for us.  We now have carry over from season to season and consistency in our teaching.  Our practices are way more productive because we spend more time teaching the techniques and fundamentals required to make our schemes effective, and less time teaching brand new things.  My coaching staff has increased their productivity because they are comfortable within the system and can teach more effectively.  I am no longer coaching coaches everyday.  Our practices are getting better and better because we are spending more time emphasizing the little things as opposed to teaching new schemes everyday

LONG ISLAND JUNE 10,11, and 12
 I will be at Valley Stream Central High School on Long Island, NY from June 10th-12th doing an offensive clinic.  I am a graduate of Central High School and the Head Coach Frank Chimienti and Offensive Coordinator Joe Delgais were very instrumental parts of my coaching career.  Coach Chimienti and I played against each other in college and Coach Delgais managed to coach me in college without getting fired!!! I will be installing our up tempo packages and communication system with them, as well as analyzing film and finding better ways to attack opponents and their defensive structures. Valley Stream Central has struggled the last 20 years or so and I want to help get my High School back on the map in Nassau County.  My goal is to start doing clinics and consulting work around the country and give coaches a cheaper and more effective alternative to improve their programs.  As a 13 year Head Coach in the state of Florida, building a program at a new High School from scratch, I feel like I have a vast amount of experience in the ups and downs of public high school football and what it takes to run a consistently successful program.  I have been 1-9 and 2-8, and have also been to the Regional Finals and 2 games away from a State Title.  We have been a playoff team 8 of the first 13 years in existence and 4 times since 2008.  Since the change in offensive style and communication 2 years ago we are 18-7 while averaging 39 points a game and over 410 yards of offense per game.  I would now like to share our system with other coaching staffs and show coaches how easy up tempo football and communication can be.


Just wanted to also take some time to thank everyone for following the blog and the you tube channel.  It is going a lot better than I anticipated and I am enjoying all the interactions with coaches across the country and the world.  Talking ball is truly a passion for me and something I really enjoy doing.  I think if more coaches across the country were able to exchange and share ideas we could make youth and high school football a better experience for kids and also help continue to promote this beautiful game we love so much.  Remember, there are no secrets, all of us are just borrowing different ideas and finding ways to incorporate them into our own systems.  The game will still come down to blocking, tackling, turnovers, and penalties like it has for over 100 years.


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