The blog today will be a little different in nature.  Tomorrow May 7th I will be doing my first Live Webinar with Glazier Clinics.  The topic will be Pistol Veer with Key Screens.  This whole thing has gone so much better than I imagined with over 18,000 views in 3 months and over 90 subscribers to my you tube page.  Hopefully it has been informative and somewhat helpful to you.  I have been going to Glazier Clinics for over 16 years and this year was my first opportunity to speak.  I did 5 sessions in Tampa in March, on offense and defense, and now I will do my first Live Webinar tomorrow.  If you are a football junkie like I am then you love talking ball, sharing ideas, and debating schemes and techniques.  My goal with this blog site was not only to discuss some topics that I thought would help coaches get their kids playing faster, but to create a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas.  As with any venture this is only the beginning and I plan on making this site even bigger and better.  Over the summer I plan on visiting some of my High School colleagues and having them share some of their ideas on offense, defense, and special teams.  I would also like to dive into program building and off season training as well.

Benefits of Spring Ball
We are currently in week 2 of Spring Football so I have the benefit of putting some film up here to help gain a better understanding of how we teach and drill some of the concepts I have talked about.  No, I do not coach at Alabama, the picture just reminded me of what Spring Football is all about.  It is a time to teach and refine techniques and fundamentals. It is also a time to install the base structure of your offense and defense while maybe playing around with a few new wrinkles.  We install our Pistol Veer with Key Screens on Offense first, and I would like to share with you the drill we use to teach our aiming points, our mesh, and our blocking scheme with the Pistol Veer.  What we do is we work coming out from the sideline as opposed to up and down the field in traditional fashion.  What this does, is it gives us the ability to use the lines on our field as landmarks and aiming points.  By putting the camera behind the drill we can see the steps our QBS, RBS, and Lineman are taking.  We can see exactly where the mesh is happening and determine if it is where we want it to occur.  If there is a problem with the mesh it is easy to identify and correct. We can also teach our RBS where the ball should hit front side, while trying to eliminate the immediate urge to cut back. The veer scheme is a down gap scheme and not a zone scheme.  With no overtakes and straight down blocks there will be increasingly less cutbacks.  The tape I am going to show is the first day of spring with 3 new QBS, and kids holding bags that don't quite understand run fits yet.  It still is a very effective and productive way to teach the early phases of the Veer Game. The great thing is it utilizes the lines on your practice field without needing 15 props to set up the drill.

I hope you find the drill useful, and I hope you tune into the Live Pistol Veer Webinar tomorrow night with Glazier Clinics.


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